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Workshop Materials – Technique Kit 1



Make your creative workshops more interesting and more effective.  You CAN create your own workshop techniques – EASILY. Simply print out the required pages (on coloured paper for best results) and laminate them. Your resources are now ready, all in less than 10 minutes! The cards are formatted for US Letter size paper so can be printed on US Letter or A4 materials.

There are two Technique Kits providing 11 powerful techniques in an easy to understand format. You will have a total of 11 cards to use over and over again within minutes of purchasing them.

This kit gives you …

  • The Movie Screen – visualisation exercise.
  • How To Generate 20 Business Ideas Over Coffee – idea generation.
  • Using Metaphor – exploring/defining problem situations.
  • Speed Storywriting – ice breaker, problem definition.
  • Still Life Ice Breaker – ice breaker, discovering personal traits.

The cards are contained in a single Adobe PDF file. Just print them out and they are ready for use immediately.