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Creativity and Innovation Service Partners

We work with and for a number of different organisations. During the course of our business we also meet and get to know a whole range of businesses, consultants, manufacturers and suppliers. Those with whom we have a formal relationship or who we know very well are listed below. We now have a number of accredited partners in Mexico. Links to these companies are provided below. Please note that their websites may be written in Spanish.

Please feel free to contact our partners directly or via ourselves if you wish to gather further information.


Partners based in Mexico

The following are creative4business accredited business partners who are accredited to sell and deliver Innovation Audits and workshops in Mexico and Latin America.

Partners 1

Kunning Consulting Network is based in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. They have many years experience of working at board board level in the manufacturing and banking industries. Creative Business Solutions have created a partnership with KCN to deliver a range of Innovation and Business Creativity products. In addition, they can offer an ILM approved course in Creative Leadership.

Partners 2

Profitalent, S.C. are based in Mexico City and are specialists in consultancy, training and the development of human resources.


Partners 3

Corporate Resources Management are based in Mexico City. CRM was formed by a group of Mexican entrepreneurs experienced in the development and implementation of business strategy. They offer internationally recognised training and accreditation programs.


Global Partners


Partners based in the United Kingdom

Partners 4

For those companies in the United Kingdom looking to trade with Mexico, Venture Mexico have a complete portfolio of business services to access and penetrate the market in an effective way.

They set up and facilitate successful business relationships between customers and vendors, manufacturers and dealers, technology developers and systems integrators, through a Business Matchmaking process. They work with:

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Mexican Government
  • Development Banks
  • National and Regional Mexican organisations

They can help through:

  • Market Research
  • Strategy Development
  • Trade Missions
  • Translation Services