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Creativity and Innovation articles published by us

Creativity and innovation articles

We publish articles via our monthly newsletter Innovation Matters. Past editions from 2007 onwards can be found in our newsletter archive or you can click here to read the latest archived edition. You can also subscribe to Innovation matters via most pages on this site. There are also a number of articles and resources available via our downloads page.

We also have over 100 articles published in our Creativity and Innovation blog. Recent popular articles include …

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Creativity and Innovation articles published elsewhere

We have a number of articles published on external websites. For a list of over 80 articles related to Business Creativity and Innovation that you can use/re-use easily see EzineArticles.com.

We also have the following articles originally published on InnovationTools.com and now available on www.innovationmanagement.se

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Creativity and Innovation resources available to buy

Our online shop contains advanced resources for enhancing creativity and innovation including ebooks and techniques kits for running your own creativity workshops. The range of products will be added to over time. Currently we have a four volume ebook series that starts with the YES you can beginner’s guide and adds a further three volumes full of advanced techniques that give you a total of 48 practical creative problem solving techniques for your toolbox plus hints and tips on getting the best from them. Our two technique kits enable you to create resources within minutes of downloading them, simply print out the pages and then laminate them!

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Currently our ebooks include …

Technique Kit 1 contains …

  • The Movie Screen – visualisation exercise
  • How To Generate 20 Business Ideas Over Coffee – idea generation
  • Using Metaphor – exploring/defining problem situations
  • Speed Storywriting – ice breaker, problem definition
  • Still Life Ice Breaker – ice breaker, discovering personal traits

Technique Kit 2 contains …

  • Cartoon Storyboard – planning/prioritising
  • Working With Aliens – problem exploration/definition
  • Time Traveller – problem exploration/definition
  • List And Twist – random stimulation, idea generation
  • Boundary Relaxation – problem redefinition/exploration
  • Bullet Proofing – planning/prioritising