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Business Creativity & Innovation

Free downloadable Creativity and Innovation resources

Here are some new resources that we are really proud of. As part of the CIME Project in Wales, Derek Cheshire wrote the following 3 reference modules modules for using Creativity in a small business context. They have been brilliantly illustrated and are provided here in PDF format, although the originals were in printed form. Simply click on the link to download. Please note that these files are quite large so please be patient.

CIME Toolkit Module 1  Creativity and Innovation for small businesses Module 1,  An Introduction – 12 Rules for Creative Thinking!

CIME Toolkit Module 2  Creativity and Innovation for small businesses Module 2, Utilising Creative and Alternative Techniques

CIME Toolkit Module 3 Creativity and Innovation for small businesses Module 3, Addressing those common business issues

Below you will find lots more free creativity and innovation resources in PDF format that you can download and use at your leisure.

The effects of Bullying on Creativity Find out the effects that bullying can have on both personal and organisational Creativity.

Are you Innovation and Growth ready? Take this simple test to see if you are ready for the challenges of innovation and growth.

24 tips for Creative Thinking 24 top tips to improve your creative thinking.

Soft Infrastructure A thought provoking paper designed to ask questions about the types of networks needed to support Innovation.

New Innovation Model A document that outlines the theory behind our Innovation Toolkit and also how both discrete and continuous Innovation projects might be managed. It also helps to explain why managing multiple Innovation projects can lead to confusion.

Workshop examples Information sheets for our most popular workshops including Bite Size Creativity, Creating The Difference, Idea Generation and Team Technology. These are not a definitive list and readers should bear in mind that workshop components can be mix and matched.

Innovation Toolkit Details of our unique method of measuring and benchmarking innovation.

Sample programmes Information sheets for our most asked for programmes. These include Domino2 Knowledgeware for spreading Innovation culture, Futures for predicting the future up to 30 years ahead and Intelligent Growth, a full Innovation programme.

Slow Innovation Read the Slow Innovation manifesto written by Derek Cheshire created for Change This.

Creativity as a business tool An article written by Derek Cheshire and published in the Malawi Guardian.

Buying Creativity Read our simple guide to buying creativity for your organisation including what to look for when hiring consultants and facilitators.

The story of Nomad Wheelchairs Read a brief account of Nomad and how their innovative behaviours are contributing to their success.