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YES you can! eBook #1


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Some people spend a lifetime gathering techniques or just stick to the ones that they know best. This eBook has been created to give YOU the knowledge to kick-start your learning process and get you started straight away.

  • Twelve Rules for Creative Thinking – There are twelve basic rules or precepts which are used when working with creativity. They are all here and explained in simple terms not gobbledygook.
  • The Problem Solving Process Explained – Generating ideas or solving problems is not simply about brainstorming. All this generation has to be tempered by some focus. Learn how creative techniques can be used to control the whole process from start to finish.
  • Twelve Techniques To Get You Started – A process without techniques is no good at all. The book contains twelve techniques to form the basis of your creative problem solving toolkit.
  • What Can I Do On Monday? – I was at a seminar when one audience member inquired of an academic ‘That’s all very well, but do I do on Monday morning?’ There are some ideas to get you going.
  • Tried And Tested – All of the techniques are tried and tested, however you are encouraged to put your own twist on them or even create your own.
  • All In One Place – To acquire all of this knowledge you may have to read several books or browse the internet for hours. Not any more!
  • Understand Creative Thinking – Even if some of these methods are not for you, you will gain an insight into how creative people think and work and this be able to communicate with, and manage them more easily.

Here is what you get when you invest and order YES you can! TODAY!

  • A comprehensive guide to the method and background to creative problem solving
  • A step by step guide to the creative problem solving process
  • Twelve techniques to start your creative toolbox
  • Practical ideas on how to start being creative immediately
  • Tried and tested techniques, nothing wacky or experimental
  • All you need to know in ONE easy to read volume
Do your current methods of creating new ideas for products or services produce the results you really want? Are you encountering new types of business or personal problems that require new ways of looking at them? Look no further, the answers you need are contained within this eBook. Can you afford not to place an order now?

Once your order is processed you will be able to download this product IMMEDIATELY in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format and start work straight away.

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