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Leave No Stone Unturned eBook #3


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This is step 3 on the road to becoming a grand master of problem solving. Now that you have read Volumes 1 and 2 you have some of the tools that will help you compete with, and beat, the best. Volume three takes things further and introduces some lesser known, but powerful techniques.

You are champing at the bit, ready to learn and heading towards the cutting edge. Have fun AND be productive.

This ebook is the third in a series of four which is designed to give you the knowledge and techniques to make you a master of Creative Problem Solving.

Some people spend a lifetime gathering techniques or just stick to the ones that they know best. The alternative is to find someone who has compiled a collection of some of the best, tried and tested material. Reading our ebook series is a guaranteed way of cutting out the legwork and getting straight to the valuable material.

  • Exploring And Defining – Techniques that help you explore or reframe your initial problem so that you can view it in a new way.
  • Idea Generation – The most widely known (and fun) part of creative problem solving. Be able to create original and fresh ideas that will help you get noticed and stay ahead of the game.
  • Screening – Sometimes we have to control ourselves. To be useful we have to focus on one particular course of action or else we would go around in circles.
  • Prioritising And Planning – Once you have had all the fun you need to create a plan of sorts. We have tried to make that fun too!
  • New Techniques – Working With Aliens, Time Traveler and Bunch Of Bananas may not be familiar to you, but you will soon see how valuable they can be.
  • Adds To Your Toolbox – All of the tools complement those you have already discovered in Volumes 1 and 2. You will now have thirty six valuable techniques in your repertoire.

Here is what you get when you invest and order Leave no stone unturned TODAY!

  • A step by step guide to each technique
  • Another twelve techniques for your creative toolbox
  • Some advanced techniques such as Working With Aliens and Time Traveler
  • A format that you are already familiar with from Volumes 1 and 2
  • All in ONE easy to read volume
  • Immediate download once your payment has been accepted

Do your current methods of creating new ideas for products or services produce dull and uninteresting results? Are you encountering new types of business or personal problems that require new ways of looking at them? Look no further, the answers you need are contained within this product. Can you afford not to place an order?

Once your order is processed you will be able to download this product IMMEDIATELY in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format and start work straight away.

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