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12 Phrases To Avoid At Work

12wordsYou come up with good ideas at work and take them to the boss. Do you here any of these phrases in reply? Even worse, do you use these phrases when talking to your colleagues? They tend to kill ideas and have a nasty effect on organisational culture too.
  1. yes but…
  2. we have no time for that
  3. can’t be done
  4. let’s be realistic
  5. that’s not logical
  6. we need more research
  7. not my responsibility

  8. that is a MAJOR change

  9. the market is not ready yet

  10. we will consider the option

  11. that’s in our future plans

  12.  since when are you the expert ?

There are more ‘baddies’ out there and you will know them when you hear/use them. Beware anything that dismisses ideas prematurely or prevents collaboration.

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