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Don’t Take Things Literally

Maybe you should not drink whilst making signs!As I wander around on a daily basis I find myself taking note of signs and posters and interpreting them in ways that the original author had never intended. For me it is a humorous exercise but try it on your own scribblings and see if your communications are up to scratch.

Seen outside a pub – Good Food Served Here. Well would you actually deliberately sell bad food? Why not use the space for a meaningful marketing message?

Seen near a school – Slow Children Crossing. Am I to drive slowly because I am near children or am I being warned that these particular children are in need of cattle prods?

Seen in the toilets at a motorway service station – Wet Floor. Is this a warning or an instruction?

Road sign in Essex – Secret Nuclear Bunker

Seen on newspaper stand at motorway services – Please refrain from reading the newspapers

Sign at Northampton General Hospital – Family Planning Advice, Use Rear Entrance

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