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Good Boss, Bad Boss?

Good boss or bad boss?Do you identify with any of the following?

  1. You have criticised an employee openly in public
  2. You have taken credit for the work of others
  3. Your employees are anxious in your presence
  4. You expect employees to do what you tell them without question
  5. You believe employees should automatically know what to do without guidance
  6. You shout or scream at others in the workplace
  7. You publicly belittle employees as a method of punishing them
  8. You have favourites amongst your employees and you make this known
  9. You dislike or fear  delegating
  10. You constantly check the work of others and micromanage constantly

The more of the above statements you identify with, the greater the chance that you are a ‘Bad Boss’.

Think about the last time you had a ‘Good Boss’. I bet that they:

  1. Were humble about their own achievements
  2. Showed integrity
  3. Were knowledgeable
  4. Allowed people to work unhindered
  5. Provided support when necessary
  6. Were keen to try new things

And if you had a ‘Bad Boss’ they probably:

  1. Were never there when needed
  2. Wanted to know what you were doing and why
  3. Usually said ‘no’ when you suggested new ideas
  4. Made you feel as if you were not trusted
  5. Looked glum most of the time
  6. Talked about themselves a lot and listened very little

I think that you get the idea. Now which type of boss are you and what are you going to do about it?

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