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How to become a Jedi Master of Creativity

Creativity Jedi Master

Have you ever wanted to be the person who has all the new ideas?  Some people think that creativity is something that you either have, or you don’t. The fact is that everyone of us is creative and the creativity that we have can be boosted. Here’s how!

Learning to think creatively is a lot easier than you think.  The left and right hemispheres of your brain work together like a two man soccer team, and it’s natural for them to try out new tactics every now and them.  With just a little bit of effort, you can be bending your brain, and twisting your thoughts in new and exciting ways in no time at all.

The first step to training your brain to generate new thought patterns is to sneak up on yourself. There are things that you do, that you take for granted.  Patterns, or ruts that simplify your life and that help you to focus on what is important.  It is natural and healthy to develop patterns in your life so that your brain is comfortable and at ease, and able to focus completely on whatever task you assign it, but be aware that every pattern you fall into unthinkingly, is another thread of unconscious-unthinkingness that collectively binds and suppresses your creativity if you don’t take steps to keep your thinking clear and fresh.

Here are one or two things that you can do to spice up your life and trick your brain into thinking a little bit differently:

  • Wear your watch on your other wrist or even somewhere completely different
  • Wear differently coloured socks or gloves
  • Use your left hand to do something when you would normally use your right
  • Wear a flower on your lapel
  • Invent a new handshake with your friends
  • Start up a conversation with a stranger that you wouldn’t normally consider talking to
  • Try ordering something strange or out-of-the-ordinary at a restaurant

Coming up with your own creativity exercises is a great way to flex your own creativity muscle. Judicious use of self-trickery can slice through complacent, uncreative thought patterns like a Jedi’s light sabre and release your natural creative power in no time at all.

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